Treating Myofascial Pain Syndrome with Nutrition and Massage Therapy

Treating Myofascial Pain Syndrome with Nutrition and Massage Therapy in Surrey, BC.

Did you know that nearly half of the patients treated for chronic myofascial pain have some form of vitamin inadequacy which affects lasting relief from pain? Vitamin inadequacy has been shown to increase irritability of myofascial trigger points. Thus if lasting results are to be achieved, the vitamin inadequacies must be addressed.

naturopathThere are several key vitamins and minerals that are associated with myofascial pain relief—vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, biotin, folic acid, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and zinc. Vitamin B12 and folic acid inadequacy are more strongly related to chronic myofascial pain syndromes (MPS) than others. Insufficient vitamin B12 and folic acid reduces blood cell production. Blood cells carry oxygen to the muscles and plays a role in energy metabolism. When there is a dysfunction or energy crisis sensitizing substances are released which interacts with local pain receptors leading to pain at the myofasical trigger points.

While massage therapy is an excellent treatment option for mysofascial pain syndrome, vitamin supplementation will help to create more long lasting effects. The Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) at Legacies Health Centre takes an integrated approach to pain management and may refer you to other practitioners within our clinic to address any underlying vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may be delaying your recovery.

You may be experiencing myofascial pain syndrome if you have any of the following:

  • Deep, aching pain in a muscle
  • Pain that persists or worsens
  • A tender knot in a muscle
  • Difficulty sleeping due to pain

Our qualified and highly trained RMTs can further assist you with diagnosis and treatment to restore you to optimal health and wellness.

5 Ways to Better Health & Fitness

5 Ways to Better Health & Fitness

Legacies Health Centre Private Studio

Legacies Health Centre Private Studio

In Canada, the most common New Year’s Resolutions are to become healthier and to increase fitness. At Legacies Health Centre here in Surrey BC, we’re here to help you achieve these goals – whether it’s your New Year’s Resolution or just your lifelong journey. Here are 5 Ways to Better your Health & Fitness that we offer at our facility with low-cost options (some even free!):

1. Therapeutic Yoga Sessions. We offer Therapeutic Yoga in our private studio with renowned Yoga Instructor, Tobey Booker. These classes are only $16 each (with a package of 4) and gives you 1-on-1 attention in a small group of 6 participants. We supply all equipment needed. Call to book your sessions 604-591-5569. Space is limited!

Therapeutic Yoga in Surrey Delta BC

Therapeutic Yoga in Surrey Delta BC

2. 8-Week Naturopathic Weight Loss Program with Dr. Asal Shalviri. This program is for people who want to make a huge lifestyle impact and positive diet change. Blood tests, food sensitivity testing, and a customized meal plan will be given with supportive therapies such as acupuncture and B12 boosters. Average weight-loss ranges between 13-20lbs over 8-weeks. Book your FREE Consultation today 604-591-5569.
3. Start 2014 off on the right foot, with Dr. Alice Wang, Podiatrist & Surgeon. Dr. Wang specializes in foot problems, and casts custom foot orthotics now at Legacies Health Centre. With only 86 podiatrists in BC, this is your highest level of expertise when it comes to foot care. Podiatry is often covered under Extended Medical Plans, often with a doctor’s referral.
4. Expert Therapy & Treatment. Take care of those nagging injuries and pains with a visit to our RMT, Chiropractic, or Acupuncture professionals. Our practitioners will help you design a plan for keeping you injury & pain-free for 2014. We use a team approach and do not over-prescribe, to ensure you get the most appropriate care when needed. For many people, this means just 1 visit/month to achieve optimal wellness.
5. Private Kinesiology Session. Hire one of our kinesiologists to design a personal fitness program specifically for you! Many people want fitness advice but are intimidated with the big gyms out there. At Legacies Health Centre, you get 1-on-1 expert advice in a private and friendly environment. We’ll help create your perfect program – whether you desire to continue in a gym or even just at home!

school backpack

School Backpacks – a Doctor’s Advice

School Backpacks – a Doctor’s Advice

It’s that’s magical time of year again!  Kids go back to school and parents get a break again!  And if you are like most parents this time of year, you are running around to gather school supplies, clothing, and backpacks…

Here are Dr. Sukh Mann professional advice from Legacies Health Centre in Surrey on what to consider when purchasing a backpack for your child:

  • Dr. Sukh Mann, Chiropractor

    Dr. Sukh Mann, Chiropractor

    The backpack should not be wider than your child’s chest, and no lower than the small of their back.

  • A loaded backpack should not weigh more than 10-15% of the child’s bodyweight.
  • Distribute the load correctly by first putting heavy books near the bottom, and lighter objects near the top.  Use the pockets to further distribute the weight.
  • Dr Sukh Mann, DC“Take this opportunity of buying a new backpack to teach your child proper lifting techniques.  Bending knees when lifting the backpack and encouraging your child to use both shoulder straps to balance the weight on their spine are tips for life.”   Dr. Sukh Mann, Doctor of Chiropractic

Here’s what the BC Chiropractic College has to say:

Essential Backpack Tips

Essential Backpack Tips

What do the Canucks, Whitecaps, and Team Canada Tennis all have in common? – Their Sports Therapy Facility in Surrey, BC

Sports Therapy Facility in Surrey, BC

Are you getting back to fitness this January?  You’ll want to read this…

Sports Therapy Facility in Surrey, BC

Sports Therapy Facility in Surrey, BC

Guess what the Canucks, Whitecaps, and Team Canada Tennis all have in common?  They are all focusing on recovery and regeneration during their training camps.  That has kept our therapists very busy this month!  This January, LEGACIES therapists have worked the training camps for the Vancouver Canucks, the Vancouver Whitecaps, as well as with Team Canada Tennis for the upcoming Davis Cup.  This is because the Professional Athlete understands a crucial element of returning to sport (activity): returning to activity means a high risk of injury.

That’s right – when we challenge our bodies to adapt to a higher level of performance, we also elevate the risk of injury.  A good rule of thumb is to not increase overall fitness by more than 10% a week.  This allows the body to adapt to increased challenges without being overloaded and resulting in injury.

Here’s another secret: invest in recovery and regeneration.  Massage therapy from an RMT, chiropractic treatment, vitamin therapy from a Naturopath – all of these are amazing ways to keep you healthy and recover after exertion.  Many people overlook the benefits (or at least until its too late and there is an injury) of stretching, hydrotherapy such as warm baths or contrast showers, icing inflamed areas, and a healthy replenishing diet when returning to activity.

So take a tip from the Pros: when increasing activity, increase recovery and regeneration techniques – or you may not last the season!  Click Here to learn more about our Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services, located here in your home town of Surrey.

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LEGACIES Prescribing Scarves?? Wearing a Scarf in Surrey BC

Wearing a Scarf in Surrey BC

Wearing a Scarf in Surrey BC

Wearing a Scarf in Surrey BC

Do you suffer from chronic tensions headaches, upper back tension, or maybe even whiplash?  There’s a reason why you’re feeling more pain now when the weather is getting cooler.  Your body will naturally shunt blood away from the area that is cold which creates a physiological response creating muscular tension.  The McKinley Health Center in the University of Illinois states “wearing a scarf in cold weather helps keep you from hunching your shoulders.”

Wearing a scarf in surrey BC, especially when you have a neck or back injury, will increase warmth, which in turn increases circulation.  That has a positive physiological effect of increasing circulation, decreasing muscular pain, and even assisting the recovery of injury.  At our therapy clinic in Surrey, especially this time of year, we find ourselves prescribing a simple remedy: “wear a scarf”.  A simple solution that makes a huge difference!

Watch this 45 sec video to hear what our expert therapists have to say. Save your Neck! wear a scarf in Surrey BC!

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Wearing a Scarf in Surrey BC

Wearing a Scarf in Surrey BC

Naturopaths provide advanced Biopuncture Therapy, Surrey BC

Biopuncture Therapy, Surrey BC

Biopuncture therapy is emerging from Europe utilizing very dilute injections of natural products which are introduced into the skin or muscle to stimulate the immune system. Instead of just covering up the symptoms, the injections promote the natural healing ability of the body by attracting the immune system to the site for repair.  Watch the video below to learn more.

Biopuncture Therapy Surrey BC

Biopuncture Therapy Surrey BC

What conditions are typically treated with biopuncture therapy?

The common factor is pain and inflammation, be that in a soft tissue or joint or in the lining of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract.  Each of these tissues has nerves that become chronically inflamed and cells secret chemicals that initiate and maintain pain and inflammation.

  • Musculoskeletal problems:
    • Sprains and strains, joint pain, tendonitis, back and neck pain, mild to moderate arthritis
    • Medical problems:
      • Asthma, hay fever, allergies, IBS, migraine headaches, PMS, Menopause, fibromyalgia

What is injected?

The two most commonly injected products are ultra-low doses of mainly medicinal plant and mineral-based products and/or glucose. The plant and mineral derived formulas were introduced in Germany in the 1930s. Currently, more than 100 million injectable vials are used per year throughout Europe, United States, and Canada.

Who can use Biopuncture Therapy in Surrey BC?

Biopuncture therapy is a great treatment for those people who have tried conventional medicine but have had no success, for those who have had to stop conventional treatments due to side effects, or for those who prefer alternative therapies to treat injuries. You can also use Biopuncture therapy in conjunction with existing treatments if you prefer.

When is Biopuncture therapy not appropriate?

While a very effective natural therapy, Biopuncture used by itself is not appropriate for serious or life threatening illnesses or disorders. It is also not appropriate for depression or other mental disorder, if you are needle phobic or your immune system is impaired.

Video Interview on Biopuncture Therapy in Surrey BC:

Doctor Robert Davis discussing Biopuncture – 2011

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Low Back Pain – stop it now!

Low back pain is one of the leading causes for a work injury claim in Surrey and Delta BC.  In fact, just over 25% of all WorkSafeBC claims are for back strains.  It is also a BC statistic that 60%-90% of the population will experience low back pain in their lifetime.  At Legacies Sports Massage & Chiropractic, we want you to know some interesting facts that will help you the next time you injure your back.  We also have a special “Lifting Ergonomics” handout at the end of this article…

low back pain

Did you know:

  • Aging of the back begins before 30 for most people.
  • Smokers are more likely to get back pain.
  • If you’ve had a previous back injury, you are more likely to reinjure.
  • More than 90% of low back pain has no specific cause.

Lets face it – a low back injury is painful.  But how you handle that pain is crucial.  Studies show that activity more than rest will help your injury recover faster.  Try to keep moving.  Aches and pains can linger even after you have returned to work.  Gradually return to your normal activities as you recover.  Seek the expert advice of your physician, massage therapist, or chiropractor to help control pain, speed recovery, and guide you to a full recovery.

FREE Lifting Ergonomics handout

Prevent a low back strain!  Read these simple tips on correct lifting ergonomics…  Look at what most people aren’t doing!  CLICK HERE for your free Lifting Ergonomic Handout.




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Back to School Routine

Soon, the “back to school routine” will begin.  Parents will be packing lunches, driving kids, and taking them to soccer practice.  Universities & colleges start, and the countdown to exams begins.  How does your body handle this “back to school routine”?  Well, at first you might be a bit tired waking up earlier – or anxious to see what teacher you get this year…  but we actually do quite well once a daily pattern has been set.  We do well with “routine”, and it helps us organize our life.  So what a great time to also make your therapy part of that routine!  Plan your treatment into your busy week, and put your health first.

Legacies & Back to School

At Legacies Sports Massage & Chiropractic, we want to wish everyone a great start to the Fall, and to remind our patients that we head into a very busy season at the clinic.  Many people are trying to schedule their extended medical visits before the end of the year.  With planning, you can schedule your appointments ahead to get the appointment times you want.  Enjoy these last few days of summer!

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Get better faster & cheaper!

How important is it to follow my massage therapist or chiropractor’s treatment plan?  Simple: do you want to get better as soon as possible and at the lowest cost?  Because that’s what the goal of your treatment plan is all about!

Get better faster & cheaper!

At Legacies Sports Massage & Chiropractic, we’re all about getting results – its what we’re known for and is likely why you were referred to our clinic.  So that means outlining a specific Treatment Plan (like a road-map to recovery) for each of our patients.  This is specific to you – based on your assessment – to ensure you get better as soon as possible.  Sooner means cheaper, right?  You bet it does!  Without a clear Treatment Plan (or if you don’t follow your practitioner’s advice), you will find that it is “pain” that keeps bringing you back to the clinic – and that is often too late.  You may find you get into a chronic cycle, and never fully recover if this is the case.  So what’s our advice?  Follow our advice! Do your part, and we’ll do ours – and the results will be amazing!

If you are unclear about your Treatment Plan that your practitioner has designed for you, please just ask.  ** Did you know that Legacies Sports Massage & Chiropractic is one of the only clinics in Surrey & Delta that gives written Treatment Plan slips to our patients, and sends a Patient Progress Report to all referring doctors? We’re proud to be your choice – thank-you!

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The benefits of Chiropractic treatment and Pregnancy

Low back pain with pregnancy

Is your pregnancy causing you pain? Maybe you know someone who is having discomfort with their pregnancy?   A pregnancy can be an exciting time but often not without a few challenges on the woman’s body.

Both bio-chemical and bio-mechanical changes that occur during pregnancy can cause back pain, pelvic pain, sciatic referrals, and even headaches to name a few. Chiropractic treatment can help!  Treatments are safe and effective when conducted by a qualified professional.

Our chiropractors at Legacies Sports Massage & Chiropractic are highly trained, and will conduct a thorough assessment before treatment.  They will gather a complete medical history, and listen to you and answer all your concerns.

Together with you and often your family physician, our Doctors of Chiropractic will design a treatment plan that helps manage your pain so that you can stay active and have the benefits of a positive pregnancy.

Take a look at the video below to see Dr. Sharon Dhaliwal answer some questions about chiropractic treatment and pregnancy and perform a chiropractic adjustment on a pregnant patient:   What to Expect: Pregnancy Chiropractic Visit

Please do not hesitate to call our clinic and speak with one of our Chiropractors to see if this treatment is right for you.

604-591-5569 at 214 – 12080 Nordel Way, Surrey BC.  Scott Rd and Nordel Way.

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