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Naturally Unique by Design

The LEGACIES HEALTH CENTRE has opened in its new location on June 1st, 2013, at Nordel Crossing in the Surrey/Delta junction of Nordel Way and Scott Rd (120th).  Our highly acclaimed clinic, Est. 2006, moved into the new larger facility designed by the award-winning team from Counterpoint. With deep roots in the community, and a strong medical referral network, the expansion has allowed us to offer a wider variety of services and expertise. The new facility has allowed us to develop a focus on education for both staff and community, as well as begin research in our related health fields.

With over 14,000 current patients and growing, our new facility has become a cornerstone for the communities of Delta and Surrey – a place known for quality treatment.  At LEGACIES, we like to say “we’re YOUR team for LIFE”, meaning that whenever you need to lean on us – we’re going to be your trusted team to help you reach your best.  We are committed to our patients and want them to reach their fullest potentials.

Trusted & Endorsed

In the new facility, we continue to build our reputation and trust in the community. We’re grateful to all our local medical doctors and other healthcare professionals who continue to support and encourage our expansion. LEGACIES will continue to be the Official Provider to the CFL BC Lions, and continue with many of our “regular” elite Teams such as with Team Canada Tennis at Davis Cup.  We have been the official providers to the Vancouver Whitecaps (2007-2014), and even some well-known celebrities as their first choice!

Massage TherapyThe new clinic allows us to bring in supportive brands, and we are proud to have the endorsement of SportMed – a trusted and well know brand of the sports community.

Green-minded Facility

This clinic has a focus on sustainability. We strongly believe that we all need to make responsible choices for our environment. That’s why we have used LEED products on this build, and have chosen many “green” policies and adopted many new methods to reduce waste. One great example of this is that the new facility has adopted Electronic Medical Records. You can imagine how much paper is used to create over 12,000 files! The new facility will be using the highly recognized Practice Perfect EMR program, which is a trusted and extremely secure record keeping method that eliminates paper charts completely. This is in-line with modern methods being used now by hospitals and even surgical centres.

Legacies Health Centre in Surrey, BC

The Team & Services

LEGACIES is a multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals.  We use an Integrative Health Model, which states that we believe not one personal has all the answers, and that as a team we offer our best service.  We place so much value on this, that we have an Integrated Health & Wellness Coordinator who’s main focus is to oversee this model as a functioning theme in the facility.  We are not your average clinic, and you may be surprised to see all that we offer!  WATCH NOW our hiring Video, “The LEGACIES Difference” to see how we’re different.


Our health team of over 35 practitioners are composed of the following professions:

Registered Massage Therapy: The RMTs on this Team believe in continued education and adhering to Best Practice Methods, focusing on getting results for the patient. Strong relationships have been created with ICBC, WCB, and the medical community – and we are proud to see the largest number of referrals in our area. The RMTs continue their orthopedic and sports focus in the new facility, seeing many of our community and national-level athletes, but also continuing as the Official Providers to the CFL BC Lions.

Chiropractic: Our Doctors of Chiropractic, winners of the “Surrey Reader’s Choice Best Chiropractor” Award and the “Surrey Leader’s Best Award”, have expanded their department in the new facility. Demand has shown that we needed to increase chiropractic care, and continue our focus on providing exceptional results with our ICBC cases and community orthopedic care.

Cold Laser: Guided through our Chiropractic Department, Cold Laser Therapy is provided as a new service to assist in chronic pain, joint disorders such as arthritis, and even increase wound healing.  This a program, assisted with a Laser Therapy Technician, that occurs daily.

Kinesiology: With a large gym space and a wide array of equipment, an active rehab kinesiology program runs daily and has become very busy.  Our team of kinesiologists have a great reputation in the community, focusing on ICBC patients and return-to-fitness programs. The spacious yet private rehab space creates a safe environment for patients who are intimidated of the large mainstream gyms.

Registered Acupuncture: Acupuncture will has expanded as a daily service in the new facility. Alexandra Herold, Reg. Accu. will continue to offer treatments, and focus on areas such as chronic pain and disease.

Naturopathic Medicine: Our patients are very excited to see the growth of Dr Asal Shalviri’s practice which currently has a 2 month waiting list! Dr Shalviri has a practice focused on digestive disorders and weight-loss, but also has some fantastic unique solutions to pain syndromes. Naturopathic services will be expanded to a daily service.

Podiatrist: A focus on foot-health will become a new service. We are offering expert consultation and treatment by a Dr. Alice Wang, Podiatrist & Surgeon. We offer assessments, surgical consults,  and custom-casted medical orthotics.

Physiotherapy:  Our physiotherapy department will begin in early 2015 – and there is already HUGE demand!  We have daily requests for physiotherapy, and we are excited to meet this demand from our patients.  We have an incredible space for physiotherapy, and can fully support this addition to our team.

healthcare professionals

We are now hiring!

  • Full-time RMT Position  **1 spot left! **
  • Full-time Kinesiologist  **POSITION FILLED.
  • Physiotherapists (2)   **POSITIONS FILLED.
  • Part-time Naturopath   **1 spot left! **
  • Part-time Acupuncturist  **1 spot left! **

Apply below via our on-line form today!

Jasmin Schenk, RMT at LEGACIES Sports Massage & ChiropracticLooking for Locum Work?

Are you a Registered Healthcare Practitioner in BC and interested in working at a busy clinic as a locum?

Our massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and kinesiologists are always looking for like-minded professionals who may be interested in either short-term locums (1 -2 weeks) or long-term positions (2 months +). You receive the same great benefits as one of our staff therapists, except for access to our sport contracts. You will have a support staff to hep you succeed in our all-inclusive clinic, and you’ll have direct access to all in-house training and education. Our therapists have busy practices, and will spend the quality time you need to understand their practice, before you begin your locum.

Locums are ongoing, and we are always accepting resumes. Apply

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