Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Clinic Private Rates?

We don’t mark-up prices! We charge the recommended rates set by the professional associations, and no more.  Not only that, but we then work with you to find solutions to further decrease your cost such as: discounts, direct billing your extended medical plan, confirm if you possibly have MSP coverage, and so on…  That’s what makes us different!

Click here for Private Service Rates

2. What is the Clinic Cancellation Policy?

We require 24 hours notice for cancellations. Same day cancellations or no shows may result in a charge equal to that of the actual appointment scheduled.  Simply call the clinic to reschedule an appointment with adequate notice.

3. What can I expect during a therapy visit?

Legacy Health Centre is a medically based therapy and treatment facility.  It is the responsibility of the therapist or doctor to ensure a patient has a proper assessment during their appointment, before any treatment can be delivered.  Assessment is a vital part of every visit, used to evaluate progress and to direct the therapist in effective treatment.  A patient can expect the initial appointment to have a slightly longer assessment than subsequent visits, in order to establish a baseline.  To learn more about specific treatments, and what to expect with your visit, please click here to view our services.

4. How does MSP coverage work?

Patients eligible for MSP are allowed up to 10 visits annually to be shared, however necessary, between massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment.  MSP advises clinics to verify coverage on each date to ensure eligibility.  Patients with MSP coverage pay a small user free of $15 (plus GST) for each eligible appointment.  When MSP coverage has been exhausted the patient will then be expected to pay the applicable Private Rate.
*Please keep track of your visits if you are using your MSP coverage elsewhere. Remember, only 10 shared visits.

5. How does ICBC coverage work?

ICBC requires that a patient must first have a doctor’s referral.  ICBC will then decide on approving your coverage. Until we receive verbal confirmation from ICBC, Legacy Health Centre will consider a patient to be at our Private Rates.  Our practitioners have been approved as ICBC Providers, and can direct bill your visit once confirmed.  This allows us to bill your visit directly to ICBC, either fully or partially, depending on the treatment required.  Any receipts issued should be retained if a patient wishes to discuss reimbursement with ICBC.  Please click here to view the services provided at our facility that can be directly billed to ICBC, and what costs, if any, you would incur.

**Legacies is proud to announce that we are participating in an ICBC Lump-Sum Program, where 100% of Chiropractic Treatments are billed directly to ICBC. Please call our office for further details, and discover how you can receive immediate treatment at no cost. This program does not limit your Massage Therapy coverage, and both can happen simultaneously.

6. How does WCB coverage work?

The Worker’s Compensation Board will require a doctor’s referral for treatment. Until WCB accepts a claim, the patient will be charged the applicable Private Rate.  Upon approval, Legacy Health Centre will reimburse the patient all fees paid under this claim.  Accepted claims will be approved for 5 weeks of massage therapy with a maximum of 3 appointments per week starting from the date of the initial appointment regarding this claim. Any visits beyond the 5 weeks become the patient’s responsibility, unless WCB approves an extension.
*WCB will only cover one type of treatment (massage/physio/chiro) at a time on approved claims.

7. I have an Extended Medical Plan. How can I use it for my visits?

The practitioners at Legacy Health Centre are all registered health professionals, licensed under the Ministry of Health, and therefore will be recognized under extended medical plans that cover our various services.  You should refer to your specific Extended Medical Plan to see which treatments are covered and exactly how much coverage you have.  Legacies Health Centre is pleased to direct bill for Sun Life, Desjardins, Great-West Life, and Standard Life plans directly.  All other Extended Medical Plans are currently being billed to the patient at Private Rates with, however, medical receipts being issued to provide reimbursement.

8. Still have questions?

Please call our clinic at 604.591.5569 and one of our friendly receptionists will be glad to assist you. Thank-you for choosing Legacies.